Kena: Bridge of Spirits PS5 PlayStation 5

Games big and small launched in September, and both sides of the scale are represented in last month's PlayStation Store charts. In North America, the top of the download charts on PS5 went to NBA 2K22, a predictable winner, it's fair to say. However, over on the European Store, it's Kena: Bridge of Spirits that took number one for September. That's a pretty big win for an indie team's debut outing.

Interestingly, Kena also did very well for itself in the States, securing third place. Meanwhile, NBA finished up in second on the European chart. Dancing around these two titles is Deathloop, which lands second and fourth in the US and EU storefronts respectively.

On PS4, NBA 2K22 cleaned up in both regions, with Diablo 2: Resurrected and, yes, Grand Theft Auto V also making strong appearances. Beat Saber and Job Simulator continue to dominate the PSVR charts, while the free-to-play charts also feature all the usual suspects. One exception is eFootball, which is currently number one on the European side.

For the full breakdown of both charts, check out the PlayStation Blog through the link. Which games did you buy digitally in September? Tell us in the comments section below.