PS Plus Subscribers PlayStation Plus 1

After a slight blip earlier in the year, PS Plus subscribers have rebounded in the quarter spanning July through September, with Sony retaining 47.2 million active members. This is a significant increase on the same period year-over-year, where Sony tallied 45.9 million members – a record at the time, during the height of the pandemic.

While the number of subscribers has been higher in the past – 47.6 million in January through March of this year, for example – the Japanese giant will be expecting to set new records this holiday, especially with major multiplayer titles like Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 due out in time for Christmas.

Obviously, these numbers can’t keep growing forever, and will surely hit a ceiling at some point in the near future – but it’ll be interesting to see if Sony can cross the 50 million members milestone. To be fair to the firm, it has continuously added value to the service – for example, the November 2021 PS Plus update includes six games in total, as the organisation celebrates PSVR’s anniversary.

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