PS5 Console

Sony has recorded its strongest ever Q2 revenue stream as part of a new quarterly fiscal report, generating $5.86 billion in revenue and $0.751 billion of profit from July to September of this year. As for how this translates to PlayStation 5, the system sold 3.3 million units during Q2, bringing total sales up to 13.4 million as of September 2021. The quarter was also Sony's second strongest outside of a holiday window.

Elsewhere, PS4 shifted 200,000 units, which is a significant but understandable decrease after 1.5 million consoles were sold during the same quarter last year. To date, PS4 has now sold 116.6 million. Elsewhere, PS Plus subscribers are back up to 47.2 million following a Q1 2021 loss of 1.3 million members. Another 900,000 subscribers brought in inside Q2 sees the total return to normality. The number of monthly active users is down once again, though, rounding off at 104 million.

While Sony continues to break revenue records and sell more PS5 systems than any of its previous consoles at this point in its lifespan, you have to wonder where the company would be with sales if supply could match demand. Sony has continued to say it's working hard to match demand, but it may still be a while yet before a PS5 is easily obtainable.

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