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Sony’s going through a period where it’s attempting to expand the reach of its biggest and best game brands, and it seems Guerrilla has big plans for the Horizon series. A new job listing posted by the Dutch developer outlines its intent: “Guerrilla’s Franchise & Community Team aims to establish, maintain, and expand the Horizon brand. This includes looking after the community, marketing, public relations, licensing, and all franchise building aspects of the Horizon brand. The team also looks after the Guerrilla studio brand and culture.”

Here’s where it gets interesting: the role for Co-Dev Producer reveals that new game projects are in development outside of Guerrilla. “In this role, you will be part of a specialised group overseeing externally produced game projects,” the blurb reads. “You will function as an integral extension of both the internal and external development team, managing expectations, setting up reviews, and constantly looking for opportunities to improve efficiency, introduce new ideas, and evolve production and reporting techniques.”

There had been rumours that a new PSVR version of Horizon was in development at Firesprite, the UK-based studio that Sony has since acquired. It’s also worth keeping in mind that PlayStation has expressed its desire to create more smartphone adaptations of its flagship franchises, and Aloy’s adventures would certainly make sense on the go, while we suppose crossovers, like the recent ones in Genshin Impact and Fortnite, would fall under this role’s remit as well.

Either way, it sounds like there’s a lot more Horizon to come – both developed internally at Guerrilla, and externally, too. How do you feel about this news? Focus your attention on the comments section below.

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