The PlayStation 3 is approaching 15 years old. That's enough to make all of us here at Push Square Towers feel like relics, but it doesn't feel like all that long ago, does it? The console might have struggled to get off the ground at first, but it flourished later on in its lifespan as Sony found its footing with top-notch first party games and improved online play. In such a fast-moving, forward-facing industry, do you ever stop and wonder what PS3's online games are like nowadays?

The machine was the first to throw us into HD visuals and proper online multiplayer, an area that's of course grown in leaps and bounds on PS4 and PS5. We had to wonder, though, how PS3's online scene might be holding up after all this time.

Join our very own Liam Richardson as he tumbles down the rabbit hole of third-party multiplayer games to see whether players are still turning up. How many teammates can he find in Battlefield: Bad Company 2? Are there still people playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's sneaky stabby multiplayer? Will Liam find joy or despair after firing up Need for Speed: Most Wanted? You'll have to watch the above video to learn the answers.

Are you still playing PS3 games online these days? If so, which ones? Tell us in the comments section below.