We reported on the new City in the PlayStation 5 version of NBA 2K22 earlier today, but now we have the full Courtside Report, which digs into all the details. The main takeaway is that the new Career mode is basically an open world RPG, as opposed to a Telltale-style story with a few games of basketball in between.

You’ll be exploring the sandbox, building your brand and interacting with agents, general managers, and much more. Instead of following a linear storyline, you’ll instead be free to take on side-quests – like becoming a record producer or fashion designer – all while striving to achieve your overall objective of playing in the NBA.

In addition, Seasonal updates will bring new quests and storylines to the game, while there’ll be a new batch of rewards every six weeks for you to unlock. You’ll be able to compete in bicycle races, and, of course, you’ll be able to play on courts across the open world against other players online. There’ll even be new matchmaking buildings, so you no longer have to wait in queues if you don’t want to.

2K Sports has added tons of NPCs to make the setting feel more alive than its predecessors, and there’ll of course be various shops and other attractions for you to interact with. It’s unclear how the storyline will be handled on the PS4 – the new cruise ship-themed Neighborhood seems significantly smaller in scale than the City – but we’re aiming to bring you a review of both versions if possible.

For more information on the kind of things you can expect to find in the City, then we do recommend reading the Courtside Report which digs into all of the details. You’ll be able to explore by bicycle, skateboard, or in-line skates – and as previously reported, the overall reward for reaching Level 40 in the first Season is a go-kart. Should be fun!

[source nba.2k.com]