Update: You can find out more about NBA 2K22's updated City in this article, which explains how it's effectively becoming an open world RPG this year.

Original Story: The long-awaited trailer for NBA 2K22’s new City has finally arrived, and it looks a lot busier than its predecessor. As you explore the online sandbox, you’ll be able to complete quests to progress the storyline, compete in minigames like bicycle races, and, of course, ball. 2K Sports had previously said that you’ll be able to take on side-activities, like fashion designing and record producing, and we get a glimpse of that, too.

We’re still waiting for the Courtside Report with the full details to be published, but there’s a cameo from Kendrick Perkins, as well as a ton of different vehicle options, including bicycles and skateboards. Remember, the PS4 version will have a different Neighborhood this year as well, in the form of a cruise ship – although that’s nowhere to be seen in this trailer. What are your initial thoughts on this year’s MyCareer? Dribble to the comments section below.

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