If Death Stranding Director's Cut is your very first time playing the game, you may want to skip viewing the launch trailer embedded above, as atmospheric and mysterious as it is. Much like the footage released to coincide with the launch of the original PlayStation 4 title, it's plastered with spoilers that — while won't make much sense without context — are scenes you'll probably want to see for yourself in the game. Edited by Hideo Kojima himself, the launch trailer focuses mostly on the main story and then injects a bit of the Director's Cut specific content towards the end.

We catch glimpses of the new enemy type, shooting range, and race track. The Metal Gear Solid inspired locations are nowhere to be seen. It's a fairly impressive trailer when all's said and done, which is hardly a surprise when Kojima is the one behind it. We're replaying it for the song alone as we write this article. Still, we warn of big spoilers if you haven't played the game before.

The Director's Cut releases for PS5 on 24th September, with owners of the PS4 version granted access to a $10 upgrade path. Buying the game on its own costs £44.99/$49.99. And if you're looking for even more Death Stranding once the Director's Cut is over, you may be in luck as Norman Reedus hints that negotiations for a sequel are underway.

When we reviewed the base game on PS4, we awarded Death Stranding a rare 10/10. We concluded: "Death Stranding doesn’t raise the bar for any particular genre, it creates an entirely new one." We'll see how the Director's Cut stacks up on 24th September 2021. Are you looking forward to playing? See to your baby in the comments below.

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