Boy did Sony make Marvel fans wait for the Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser trailer. Excitement has been at an all-time high these past few days following a supposed leak, but now the superhero fandom has been satisfied with a first look at what happens when the web-slingers true identity is revealed. Naturally, Peter Parker wants the spotlight to go away so he turns to Doctor Strange in order to try and reverse the closing moments of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

However, this is a website all about PlayStation, so why are we choosing to cover the teaser trailer? We could touch on the fairly strong links between the gaming brand and Spider-Man, but Sony actually went the extra mile and slipped in some PS5 marketing at the end of the trailer. The PS5 DualSense controller rather randomly appears just as the video closes, showcasing the default white pad flanked by its cosmic red and midnight black comrades.

At the time of writing, the trailer has more than 22 million views, which funnily enough is roughly double the number of PS5 consoles there are out in the wild right now. Sony knows the demand for the current-gen console is there, and now budding buyers are being reminded of the product even when they're planning a trip to the theatres. It's obviously just marketing, but Sony is slipping in mention of the popular PS5 whenever it can.