Shovel Knight remains an iconic indie game hero, but he's not been out on a new adventure for a good while. A duo of spin-off titles were announced by Yacht Club Games last year, and we've not heard a peep about them since. Until now, that is. While things remain quiet on Shovel Knight Dig, the developer has just dropped a new trailer and release window for Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon.

This entry in the franchise turns it into a combination of dungeon crawler and block puzzler. To find success in this game, you'll be battling baddies and finding treasure by matching blocks and chaining them together for screen-clearing combos. You can play as various characters, each bringing unique play styles, and there's even multiplayer so you can compete against your buddies.

Pocket Dungeon comes to PlayStation 4 this winter. Are you looking forward to it? Dig deep in the comments section below.