Ubisoft has unleashed the Riders Republic beta, and while it’s already leaking all over the web, we’re technically not allowed to talk about it until later in the week. Let’s focus on this new trailer, then: it’s apparently all about customisation, but watching it we reckon it doubles as a kind of cinematic trailer, too. Of course, the narrative is light here – it’s got your usual roster of Ubi misfit main characters – but it gives you a glimpse at some of the cut-scenes.

In terms of the actual customisation options, it looks like there’s going to be a mixture of licensed attire and some downright wacky outfits. We assume that, seeing as this is a Ubisoft game, more threads will be added over time. In the title’s predecessor Steep, you could customise your clothes based on the sport you are competing in, and we assume similar options will be on offer here.

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