GTA 5 PS4 PlayStation 4 Kart Krash 1

A big part of GTA Online’s enduring appeal is just how versatile it is. Some of the Best Jobs in the game include Slasher, a Dead by Daylight rip-off, all the way through to Overtime Rumble, which is basically Monkey Target with sports cars. Rockstar must have been paying attention to recent virtual cosplayers who rocked up to the LS Car Meet dressed as Mario and friends, because the latest mode added as part of this week’s GTA Online Weekly Update is effectively Mario Kart’s Battle Mode in Los Santos.

Kart Krash puts you in control of either a Dinka Veto Modern or Dinka Veto Classic and arms you with machine guns. Arenas are custom constructions surrounded by landmarks, a little bit like the game’s existing Stunt Series. There are team-based modes or traditional free-for-alls, with up to eight players supported. However, what sets this mode apart are the power-ups.

For example, one temporarily transforms you into a monster truck, which you can use to crush other go-karts. There’s also a toy tank that you can momentarily commandeer – and it’s armed with a laser gun. Other power-ups, like rockets and speed bursts, are more traditional – but naturally no less satisfying to launch at unsuspecting foes.

The game mode leverages a Last Man Standing format, with each player getting three lives. Some matches can drag when there’s only two players left and they end up circling each other for eternity on the arena, and it feels like Rockstar could have done more to up the stakes during these closing moments. Nevertheless, if you want to know How to Make Money this weekend, then Kart Krash is dishing out double GTA$ through Thursday, and it’s well worth checking out.

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