Crusader Kings 3 III PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Paradox seems poised to bring PC-ass-PC-strategy-game Crusader Kings III to the PlayStation 5, as a rating for the release has been leaked by Taiwan’s ratings board, as spotted by Gematsu. The title has currently only been classified for Sony’s next-gen console, suggesting it may be skipping the PS4 – although we’ll need to wait for an official announcement for confirmation of that, as it is also listed for Xbox One.

Exactly how this hyper-hardcore title is going to work with a DualSense remains to be seen, but presumably the developer will also support mouse and keyboard. “Crusader Kings III is the heir to a long legacy of historical grand strategy experiences and arrives with a host of new ways to ensure the success of your royal house,” the blurb reads.

Converting this to console is going to be a real challenge, so it’ll be interesting to see how the developer deals with its tiny font sizes and controls. That’s not stopped series like Civilization VI from making the transition, however, so there’s definitely an untapped audience for the developer to explore here.

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