There aren’t many games based on famous fairytales really, which is a shame because there’s a treasure trove of awesome stories out there. Wytchwood, a kind of isometric adventure game, will at least dig into some of those tales, as it attempts to build a gothic campaign out of the work of the Brothers Grimm and various other pieces of famous fiction.

Developed by Canadian studio Alien Trap, this title will go heavy on the crafting, as you gather up ingredients to solve the plights of its colourful cast of characters. “Wytchwood is fundamentally a chill game where exploration and collecting spell ingredients play a huge part of the experience,” designer Ariane Laurence explained. “As the wicked witch of the swamp, you get to put on your hat, and go out into the world to discover what the lush environments hold for you.”

It’s certainly got a sharp, striking art style, and if the potions-based gameplay can hold up, it will be one well worth keeping a beady, witch-like eye on.