Life Is Strange: True Colors’ previously announced Wavelengths DLC, which is due out on 30th September, will add depth to supporting character Steph, as you become a DJ for Haven Springs’ local radio station. The expansion – set across four seasons – will see you controlling the returning character’s dating profile, creating radio playlists, and ad-libbing over commercials.

With the booth located inside a record store, you’ll be able to observe as the shop changes through the seasons, adding Halloween decorations and such. In addition, Steph’s love of tabletop RPGs will of course come to the fore, as she gives gameplay advice to callers – with the promise of reconnecting with an “old friend”. Who could it be?

There’ll be licensed music from the likes of Foals and Hayley Kiyoko, so lots to look forward to here. You’ll need Life Is Strange: True Colors to play it, of course, but if you pick up either the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition, you’ll get access to the expansion as part of your purchase. Are you looking forward to this? Get on our wavelength in the comments section below.