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Aside from player ratings and an initial information drop, 2K Sports is operating on an unprecedentedly short marketing cycle for NBA 2K22. In fact, following the news of WWE 2K22’s delay, many fans felt Visual Concepts’ basketball sim would be next in line. Perhaps in an attempt to allay fears, the publisher has finally released a roadmap, with news of main modes MyCareer and MyNBA not due until the week commencing 6th September. The game’s scheduled to release on 10th September.

According to the Twitter post from the NBA 2K team, we’ll get news on the WNBA mode this week, as well as information on Seasons. 2K Sports said when the game was announced that it’ll be expanding its seasonal format from just MyTeam through to other modes in the game, so we should at least get some more insight into what it has in store imminently.

In between all of that, starting 30th August, we’ll get a little more information on card collecting mode MyTeam, alongside the core gameplay. Obviously, it could just be that 2K Sports wants to have a short marketing cycle this year, but fans are worried that the title may not be up to scratch. Hopefully that’s not the case, because the publisher has been flogging pre-orders for weeks now, and it’s about time we saw more of the game.