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It’s all on the line in the NBA today, as the Bucks play for a ring and the Suns try to take this series to a decider. Arguably even more exciting is the first Courtside Report on NBA 2K22, which teases the first batch of features. As was the case last year, both the PlayStation 5 and PS4 versions will effectively be different games – but 2K Sports isn’t skimping, regardless of which system you own.

With regards to the on court gameplay, the publisher’s keeping things vague for now. Expect a greater emphasis on stick skills and signature talent, as the developer works to make the top plays truly standout. Defensively, the game’s greatest players will benefit from a revamped shot contest and blocking system, allowing them to dominate both at the perimeter and in the paint.

It’s the window-dressing that’s getting a greater airing for now, though. A completely reinvented City on PS5 will integrate the traditional MyCareer mode into it, meaning you’ll be interacting with NPCs and exploring all of the locations as you continue your NBA journey. There’ll be matchmaking – at last! – across a variety of modes as well.

It sounds like the game will also dig deeper into the culture of basketball, and what it means to be a star player. Therefore, you’ll be able to “get involved in the hip-hop business, where your music talent opens up an intriguing lane in the industry” or even become a fashion mogul. Meanwhile, on the PS4, the Neighborhood has been reinvented as a Cruise Ship, which will make regular stops for special events. Both sound really cool, to be fair.

Over in MyTeam, the Draft mode will return, meaning you’ll be able to pull cards from a constantly-updated pool of players and take them out onto the court. Seasons will also expand to both MyCareer and The W for the first time, allowing you unlock more content and rewards than ever before – it’ll probably end up being a bigger grind, but this makes sense from where we’re sitting.

Meanwhile, in Franchise mode MyNBA, it sounds like 2K Sports is iterating on the existing staff system, so you’ll be able to spend more time managing the coaches and scouts that you use to build your dynasty. A lot to look forward to, then, with the publisher promising that this is just the tip of the iceberg for this year’s game. There goes another 150 hours…