PS5 PlayStation 5 Trophy Lists

Trophy lists are a bit of a pain on PlayStation 5. When you view a game's Trophies on PS5, they're currently presented in a horizontal lineup, which matches other UI on the system, but isn't a particularly nice experience. The Trophy icon is nice and big, but its description is obscured because of the way the list is laid out. Reading a Trophy list right now is a faff, especially if you're trying to Platinum something. It seems Sony has seen sense at last, however: vertical Trophies are coming back.

Participants in PS5's firmware beta programme are currently privy to a bunch of exciting changes coming to the console in the near future, and one of the patch notes is Trophy lists being displayed vertically, like all good lists should be. Here's the official wording from Sony: "When viewing the trophy lists of games, the trophies will now be displayed vertically instead of horizontally. You'll now be able to see more information for each trophy without selecting it."

You can see it for yourself part way through the below clip:

This is a big change for Trophy hunters. On PS4, Trophies are shown vertically, but PS5 opted for a new style that made it harder to view the darn things. There's no word on when this firmware update will be released to everyone, but at least we know that Trophy lists will return to normal sometime soon.

It's not the only meaningful change in the beta firmware, either. Most notable is the ability to install extra SSD storage, and we also know the PS5's UI in general is getting many significant improvements across the board. There's plenty to look forward to, then. Are you relieved to know that Trophies will be displayed vertically once again? Form a vertical line in the comments section below.