PS5 PlayStation 5 Firmware Updates 1

Support for extended PlayStation 5 storage is just the tip of the iceberg for the console’s latest firmware update, which is currently in beta around the world. Sony has also been busy beavering away on the next-gen device’s operating system – and fixing some of its biggest oversights. To begin, the new update will finally make clearer distinctions between the PS5 and PS4 versions of software.

Since launch, there have been complaints about the way cross-gen games are handled. While it has become more obvious recently, some still find themselves questioning whether they’re playing the next-gen version of a title or the last-gen edition. This will be solved with clearer labelling, while the actual game tiles will be separated on the home screen. A welcome, and necessary, tweak.

Sony’s also seeking to improve the way Trophies are handled. You’ll now be able to track certain trinkets within the Control Centre, giving you easy access to the requirements of gongs you’re currently working on. This will come alongside more personalisation to the Control Centre interface itself, as well as further improvements to the way messaging and parties are handled.

Finally, it’ll allow PS Now subscribers to pick between 720p and 1080p image quality when streaming games, assuming you have the bandwidth and broadband connection to cope with it. That should result in much better image quality when you’re play games from the cloud, which is a welcome step forward for the service.

There’s no official release date for the firmware update just yet, but we assume it can’t be too far away if the beta goes according to plan.