It's been a hot minute since the last Test Drive Unlimited game, but developer KT Racing is cooking up a new entry for 2022. Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown, revealed last year, has just received a new trailer — albeit another CG one — and it reveals the location of this new entry: Hong Kong Island.

From what the developer has said, the game will retain its MMO-style hook, with players able to race together both through the city and across off-road terrain. In addition to the titular Solar Crown competition, players will join one of two clans: the Streets or the Sharps. Your progress will be attributed to whichever you choose, pitting the player base against itself, which sounds pretty cool.

We'll have to wait a while to see the game in action. Also announced today is a release date of 22nd September, 2022, so it's over a year off. Still, what do you think about the setting for Solar Crown? Are you excited to play this one? Tell us in the comments section below.