I Am Dead is the game's title, not some sort of morbid announcement. It's a colourful adventure game that released last year on PC and Switch, and now it's making the jump to PlayStation 5 and PS4. We've embedded the original announcement trailer to give you the gist.

Essentially, the game explores the story of Morris Lupton, the titular man who has passed away, but is able to pass through objects to discover hidden secrets. Morris was the curator of a museum on his island home, and with his newfound abilities in the afterlife, he's tasked with saving the town of Shelmerston alongside his ghostly canine companion.

Saying much more would probably be treading into spoiler territory — it seems this is a mostly story-driven experience. We're certainly intrigued, and fortunately, the wait will be a short one. I Am Dead arrives on PS5 and PS4 on 9th August, so it's just around the corner. Will you be playing this one? Look alive in the comments section below.