I Am Dead is a quirky puzzle adventure game in which you play as Morris Lupton, the deceased curator of a museum in the island town of Shelmerston. It's an unusual premise, but it's one that developer Hollow Ponds pulls off with style and care. A game about tracking down ghosts and learning about inhabitants of the island could've easily been morbid and depressing. However, the game deals with death gently and subtly, with a bittersweet tone and some lovely writing.

You'll explore various parts of the town in search of spirits, but to do so, you'll first need to listen to memories and find certain objects related to that person. Fortunately, you have the ability to examine most objects in the game, rotating them and even zooming in to get a cross-section view. This is the majority of what you'll be doing, and while it can be a little repetitive at times, the interesting environments hide some neat surprises to discover, and the mementos you're searching for have some wonderful stories attached to them.

As well as the main quest of finding each ghost, each location contains numerous mini spirits called Grenkins, which have you moving certain objects into particular positions in order to find them. It's a neat way of adding collectibles that has you using the core mechanic in a different way. There's also Mr. Whitstable's riddles, which add a little challenge to each level. He'll give you a set of clues, and they each pertain to a specific thing in that stage, and could be anywhere. Sometimes the clues are too obtuse, but with thorough exploration and a little lateral thinking, the riddles add some substance to a rather breezy game. Wonderful art and relaxing music make the cherry on top of a unique and heartfelt cake.