GTA Online players will be able to unleash their inner petrol head this summer, as Rockstar readies the release of the game’s next major expansion: Los Santos Tuners. Due out on 20th July, this digs deeply into car culture, and promises a “gigantic, shared social space” where you can mingle with other drivers, show off your favourite whips, and compete.

You’ll find the “good vibes only” space on the outskirts of the Cypress Flats, just listen for the roar of engines inside a graffitied warehouse. Drop GTA$50,000 to get a membership, which will give you access to the Test Track, a “large underground space inside the Car Meet warehouse where you and your friends can drive, drift, and race vehicles freely, without interference”.

There’ll also be a variety of Test Rides for members to drive, in addition to rotating Prize Rides which you’ll be able to unlock by completing challenges. A new set of races will round out the package, all contributing to a new progress bar named Rep, which will unlock a variety of bonuses, including gear and car customisations.

A total of 10 new cars will be added day one as part of the update, with a further seven rotated in throughout the summer. And here’s the headline tidbit: “When GTA Online launches on the PS5 later this year, select vehicles will be upgradable with all new speed improvements and more.” So, you’re going to be able to drive through Los Santos faster than ever before on Sony’s next-gen console.

If you can’t wait that long, then login any time between now and 20th July to get the Los Santos Customs Tee for free, and hit up any Impromptu Race for the Los Santos Tour Jacket. If you manage to sell a vehicle to Los Santos Customs during the same time period, you’ll get some bonus coveralls to boot.