Dragon Age 4 Magic Archer Art.original

BioWare will not be presenting any of its projects during EA Play 2021 later this month, meaning neither Dragon Age 4 nor the new Mass Effect game will be in attendance. The latter is still many years away and wasn't expected to turn up on 22nd July 2021, but with the latest Dragon Age title having been shown a few times in the past, more information and footage was to be expected. However, that won't be the case.

The developer's official Twitter account posted: "We’re hard at work creating the next @dragonage and @masseffect games and have some exciting stuff coming to @SWTOR this year. While we won’t be showing anything at EA Play Live, be sure to check out our SWTOR Livestream at 12PM PT today for info on what’s to come!"

Instead, EA Play will be roughly 40 minutes in length and focus on Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, and Lost in Random. The rumoured Dead Space game is also expected to be announced during the show, with new speculation suggesting it's more of a remake that builds upon the original title with new content. Previously, the project was rumoured to be a complete reboot.

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