Dead Space

Chatty news reporter Jeff Grubb has shed new light on the rumoured Dead Space game set to be announced during EA Play later this month, suggesting the project is actually more of a remake than a reimagining. That was how Gematsu described the currently unannounced title last week, clashing with Grubb's own claims. He believes the game will be a remake featuring modern visuals and new mechanics inspired by later entries in the horror series.

Likened to the recent Capcom remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, it may "use the original game as a strong foundation" before branching out. Given the varying reports coming out about this rumoured Dead Space, we suggest not putting all your eggs into one basket in terms of calibrating expectations. Maybe it's a remake, maybe it's a reboot that looks nothing like the first game. All we think we can somewhat confidently say at this point is that a game named Dead Space will be confirmed later this month. As a reminder, EA Play takes place on 22nd July 2021.