Sure, there’s no doubt Ghost of Tsushima is great, but what if you could exist inside Sucker Punch’s stunning historical world? Arashi: Castles of Sin aims to answer the question by bringing Tenchu-esque sandbox stealth action to the PSVR headset. Clearly it doesn’t have the budget of Sony’s blockbuster, but you get a pet wolf and can toss shurikens in first-person, so it’s not a complete write-off.

“Arashi is built from the ground up for VR,” co-founder Tom Doyle wrote on the PS Blog. “With state-of-the-art movement and a deadly arsenal of feudal era weapons, there are endless ways to play. Personally, I use the spider approach – setting traps and luring enemies into my web for the ambush kill. Your mileage, or playstyle, may vary.”

The game’s due out this summer, and in addition to its versatile gameplay systems, is promising a deep and immersive plot. “At Endeavor One, we’re huge fans of genre filmmaking,” Doyled added. “We have a passion for storytelling and a love of creating immersive experiences – it’s what drew us to VR in the first place.” You can check out the trailer embedded above.