Bloodborne PC

Sony has shared a few interesting tidbits concerning the PlayStation Now service from the past few months, detailing some of the most played games. Marvel's Avengers, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III top the list for the most amount of global playtime hours across PS5 and PS4, but the more interesting statistics can be found on PC.

You can only stream titles on PS Now via PC, and those that do so on the personal computer are playing PS4 exclusives in their droves. That makes complete sense, of course — if the only way to play these games on a PC is via the PS Now streaming service, you're going to take advantage of it when the opportunity presents itself. The most played games on PC are:

Three of them are now available natively on PC, but it's no wonder FromSoftware's PS4 exclusive and Naughty Dog's first masterpiece make up two of the top three. Will they launch on PC in the future? It's definitely possible, with more ports teased recently. Speaking of which, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End could be one of them.