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PlayStation Studios now has an official creator page on PC storefront Steam, and it’s teasing more PC ports beyond Days Gone, which is due out on 18th May. Several titles are listed on the page, including Deacon St John’s aforementioned debut, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Predator: Hunting Grounds. However, if you click the About tab, you’ll notice that 41 releases have been assigned to the page – many of which are currently private.

It’s worth noting that Helldivers and its DLC already account for around 16 of these items, so by our counting the publisher currently has about 26 public products. That means it has plans for about 15 other Steam releases – although, as alluded to previously in this paragraph, that could mean just one game and a bunch of add-on packs. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s porting 15 full PlayStation exclusives.

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Of course, none of this is news really, as Sony has indicated its intent to port more of its portfolio to PC platforms. Earlier in the year, leaked documents revealed that Epic Games was willing to pay PlayStation up to $200 million in order to get dibs on “four to six” first-party titles on its storefront. It’s unlikely the platform holder took that deal, but it’s clear that the company still has big plans for PC moving forwards.

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