The Medium PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Bloober Team’s high-profile horror The Medium, which launched as an Xbox Series X|S exclusive earlier this year, has been rated for release on the PlayStation 5 by United States classification board ESRB. This suggests that some kind of port is imminent, as it’s rare for software to be rated like this and not actually launch on the associated system.

It was, to be fair, expected for the title to deploy on Sony’s next-gen device eventually. The Polish developer was coy about PS5 plans prior to the game’s Xbox Series X|S release in January, which is typically the tell-tale sign of a timed exclusive. Many had expected it to remain restricted to Microsoft’s machine for well over a year, however, but the timing of this rating suggests we may be looking at closer to six months.

Distributor Koch Media did previously announce plans for a physical release of the psychological escapade, but it wouldn’t commit to platforms – it’s probably safe to assume that those disc copies will be pressed alongside the PS5 version now. Are you interested in trying this out, or did the middling reviews douse your enthusiasm? Alter reality in the comments section below.

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