Watch Dogs Legion has added a ton of new content today – a lot of which is free for everyone! As part of a new update on PlayStation 5 and PS4, you’ll be able to recruit two new types of operative to your team: a DJ and First Responder. Both have unique abilities associated with their jobs, so the First Responder can buff teammates with a shield, for example.

Then there are five new operative abilities for you to experiment with, including Second Wind which recovers health when you defeat an enemy and Pickpocket which earns currency with each takedown you make. You can also now customise the hairstyle and tattoos of your operatives, enabling you to give them a different look.

If that’s not enough, there are three new co-op missions to complete, and two additional gadgets for you to use. These include the Point Defence Drone, which effectively allows you to summon shields for you and your teammates, as well as the Guardian Drone which will help to escort you and your allies through armed areas.

Finally, if you own the Season Pass then you’ll now be able to play as a hero character named Mina Sidhu both online and offline. She has some unique abilities, including Mind Control, effectively allowing you to infiltrate enemy strongholds using her psychic powers. And Swipe Right, a new single player mission, is also now playable in its entirety.

That’s a lot of content, and Ubisoft’s not done: new multiplayer features and the previously announced Bloodline expansion are all scheduled to release later this year. And, of course, as previously reported: a 60 frames-per-second update is coming for the next-gen version at some point in the future.