Streets of Rage 4 took a long time to get here, but DotEmu's stylish sequel is a real fan-pleaser. Not only does it feature the tight controls and excellent music you'd expect, it has (almost) all the playable characters you could hope for. Most of the gaps in the roster are being plugged with Mr. X Nightmare, the upcoming DLC pack. It introduces three more fighters to the game, and we now know the last character to make the cut.

Shiva, a recurring boss in the series, will be coming to SoR4 as a playable character. Already appearing in the game as a boss, the DLC will allow you to play as the fan favourite. He joins Estel and Max as part of the DLC pack, completing the set.

There's still no firm date on Mr. X Nightmare, but hopefully it isn't too far away now. Are you excited to play as Shiva in Streets of Rage 4? Clone yourself in the comments section below.