Everybody's Golf Sony XDEV 1

As we reported earlier in the week, Sony XDEV Europe now appears to be a global operation. The Liverpool-based division – seemingly now rebranded Sony XDEV – historically partnered with external developers across Europe to bring exclusive titles to PlayStation platforms like Returnal and Detroit: Become Human. However, its remit now appears to extend around the world.

And after closing Japan Studio and its external development arm earlier in the year – at the time, a spokesperson for the platform holder said that the latter would be “concentrated within the global functions of PlayStation Studios” – Sony XDEV now appears to be recruiting producers in Japan and Asia to partner with independent teams on “AAA titles”.

Job postings, machine translated by Google, describe the role as follows: “Work with the best independent game developers in Japan and Asia to find, evaluate, produce, and launch external products (video games) for the best possible quality and success within time and budget.” It adds: “You need to understand what it takes to build and maintain good relationships with your global marketing team and build and deliver AAA titles and franchises within SIE.”

Outside of its internally developed titles like Gravity Rush, Japan Studio was perhaps best known for its partnerships with FromSoftware on Bloodborne and Clap-Hanz on Everybody’s Golf. This recruitment drive suggests that Sony is not abandoning these kind of projects, it just aims to conduct its business from within the framework of Sony XDEV moving forward.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of games come out of the division in the future. Obviously, the team has already started the PS5 generation strongly, partnering with Sumo Digital on Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Housemarque on Returnal – both European studios, of course. We’re really interested to see what it can achieve now it’s working globally with developers from around the world.

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