Returnal Save Data Patch 1.3.3

Update: Overnight, patch 1.3.4 for Returnal went live, which promises to fix the save-related issues the previous update introduced. So, just update your game to the latest version (the patch is roughly 1GB in size), and your progress will be a-okay — plus, you can enjoy the various bug fixes that 1.3.3 was intended to remedy. All good!

Original Story: Returnal patch 1.3.3 launched earlier today on PlayStation 5, promising a number of bug fixes and improvements. However, following the update's release, some players have been hit with game-breaking save data issues.

Our good friend Ben Potter posted on Twitter when a save-related problem made his game unplayable:

Thankfully, developer Housemarque is already on the case. Patch 1.3.3 has since been pulled from PSN, meaning that if you don't already have it installed, you won't be able to download it.

Housemarque says that it's in the process of fixing the update, and that another patch will arrive "in a few hours". We'll update this article when that happens.

In the meantime, if you have downloaded patch 1.3.3 — again, released earlier today — then the developer recommends deleting Returnal and re-downloading it. That way, the game will only install previous updates, since 1.3.3 has been removed for the time being.

Have you hit this problem? Try not to die in the comments section below.