We can probably all agree that the PlayStation 5's visual design is not to everyone's tastes. While we rather like the bold choice Sony made for the console's look, not everybody agrees. The curvy surfaces and white-and-black colour scheme are striking, but understandably, fans disagree whether it looks good. For those that don't like the stark styling of PS5, perhaps you'd be interested in this amazing mod.

DIY Perks, a YouTube channel that produces all sorts of custom projects, has turned its hand to Sony's new machine, and the result is pretty crazy. Host Matt pulls apart the standard unit, levelling it out to eliminate those curves. He then constructs a handsome new housing for all the inner workings, using a combination of carbon fibre and walnut hardwood. The end result is completely different to the original PS5, looking more at home in a standard wooden TV stand.

Obviously not everyone has the tools or the talent to pull off a project like this, but it's amazing to watch how it all comes together. This modded PS5 is super classy, but what do you think of it? Would you like a similar PS5 under your telly, or are you happy with the standard design? Tell us in the comments section below.

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