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Always dreamed of being an actual Olympic athlete? Well, now you have the opportunity – but you’re going to need to be bloody good at GT Sport to qualify. As reported previously, Polyphony Digital’s simulation racer has been selected as part of the inaugural Olympic Virtual Series, which will see the world’s best players compete on a digital stage for the first time ever.

And qualification is now open for the motorsport event. You’ll need to be over 18 to participate and from one of the countries listed on the game’s official website. You’ll have from now until 2:59PM UTC on 23rd May to qualify for one of the top 16 spots. Competitors will then duke it out on 23rd June for Olympic glory.

Only one competitor from an eligible country can qualify unless there’s a drop out, and there are varying slots available depending on your continent; seven competitors can qualify out of Europe, for example, while there are just two slots available in South America. You can find out more about the rules through here, and do let us know if you’re planning to enter.