PS Now PlayStation Now 1

PS Now is, admittedly, a footnote on the list of PlayStation services these days – but its number of subscribers has been gradually growing. As of the end of March this year, the service had 3.2 million members, which is dwarfed by PS Plus’ ginormous 47.6 million – but is almost double where it was at the same time in 2020.

Sony, clearly, still sees the service as a growth vector – despite it never really feeling like its corporate energy is truly behind it. It considers the cloud, specifically, as a means to expand its brand, and notes that “continuous investment” in the technology along with “persistent quality content focus and top IP inclusion” can help to increase the service’s number of subscribers.

There was talk earlier in the year about it introducing a competitor to Game Pass, but nothing has panned out on that front yet. PS Now has got better in recent years, but it often feels like a secondary endeavour from Sony, and still isn’t available in many countries around the world. The numbers are respectable, for sure, but there’s clearly still a lot of untapped potential here.