Lost Judgment, a full sequel to the excellent Yakuza spinoff Judgment, has been officially announced. It'll once again feature detective Takayuki Yagami, who'll be investigating another mysterious murder case. This time, however, you'll be exploring Yokohama as well as Kamurocho. Players who are familiar with Yakuza: Like a Dragon will already know Yokohama — it's the larger city where most of that game takes place.

There are all sorts of improvements in this sequel, and SEGA is keen to talk about them. For starters, detective elements are more involved. Chase and tailing sequences are more detailed, and new platforming sections have been added. There are even stealth options to consider.

Then there's the action. Lost Judgment expands on the action combat of the first game by adding new moves and a whole new fighting style: snake. The snake stance focuses on counterattacks, which gives Yagami a fresh edge when fighting baddies.

Oh, and did we mention that Yagami can ride a skateboard around town in this one? You better believe it.

And last but certainly not least, we've got the release date. For the first time ever in the Yakuza series history, Lost Judgment will release at the same time worldwide: the 24th September, 2021. Not too long to wait!

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