Far Cry 6 will hit PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 7th October 2021, Ubisoft has confirmed as part of a gameplay reveal trailer embedded above. Nearly five minutes of footage details how utterly absurd the island of Yara is, from makeshift weapons through to the act of healing wounds by burning yourself with a lit cigar. It certainly looks like a Far Cry game, but this appears to be one we can get on board with. Now there are less than five months until we can play it for ourselves.

Ubisoft also teased even more information is right around the corner, so expect the game to appear during the publisher's digital showcase next month. Further details shared after the livestream reveal Far Cry 6 will receive three pieces of DLC, with a Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition available for pre-order on the PS Store now. PS4 owners will receive a free upgrade to the PS5 version.

It just needs to be better than Far Cry 5, or at least do something different. What do you make of this latest slice of footage? Share your thoughts in the comments below.