If you're a fan of rogue-likes, card-based games, or both, Rise of the Slime might be up your street. Like Slay the Spire before it, this indie title blends the two, with procedurally generated paths and random elements mixing with steady, strategic deck building.

Playing as a slime wearing a fancy crown, you'll engage in turn-based card battles against all kinds of enemies, but if you die, you start over. It's described as a rogue-lite, so there should be some permanent progression of some kind. The whole thing is so darn adorable — the stick puppet presentation is great, and we like that it's a light-hearted take on a genre that's usually pretty dark.

Rise of the Slime releases on PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 20th May, so it's only a couple of weeks out. Will you be taking a look at this one? Hop into the comments section below.

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