In case you weren't aware, chess has been back in fashion lately. The ancient strategy board game is a popular category on Twitch these days, with thousands of people watching matches as we type. Of course, in the land of video games, chess has been turned digital countless times, but this new take from Minimol Games puts a fun spin on long-established rules.

Chess Knights: Shinobi is a PlayStation 4 stealth puzzler that puts us in mind of something like Hitman Go. Playing as a knight piece, you must traverse each stage without being spotted, rescuing allies that have been captured along the way. As this is chess (sort of), all the pieces move as they would in the regular game; your knight can only move in L-shapes, bishops diagonally, and so on. It's something you'll need to bear in mind for enemy pieces as well as your own.

As a concept, the idea of taking the game's established rules and applying them to puzzles is a good one. If you have any interest in chess or puzzle games, this could well be worth checking out. It's out now, and only $3.99 / £3.29. What do you think of Chess Knights: Shinobi? Make your move in the comments section below.