Dishonored 2 PS Now

Arkane Studios masterpiece Dishonored 2 is being removed from PlayStation Now on 1st June 2021. Speculation of the removal first cropped up on Reddit this morning, and we have now since confirmed the PS4 title is listed with an impending removal date, as seen above. While some games included in the PS Now service are included for a limited time, Dishonored 2 was never listed as such upon its inclusion. The original PlayStation Blog post makes no mention of a departure.

Other Bethesda games currently part of PS Now include DOOM and RAGE 2, which are currently lacking an expiry date upon investigation. This may suggest Dishonored 2 is the only victim here, but we have reached out to the publisher for further clarification. One other Bethesda game currently included in PlayStation services is Fallout 4, which is currently part of the PS Plus Collection on PS5.

The obvious link one could make here is that Microsoft is pulling Bethesda titles from the PS Now service in order to bolster its Xbox Game Pass offerings, retroactively making Dishonored 2 an exclusive to PC and Xbox platforms. The game would have to be pulled from the PS Store entirely for that to happen, however. That is purely speculation at the time of writing, but we hope to bring you an update from Bethesda itself in the near future.

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