Samurai Warriors 5 isn't out until the end of July, but it already feels like we know a lot about Koei Tecmo's new action title. Last week, all 27 playable characters were confirmed, and now, we've got over 20 minutes of raw gameplay to examine.

The video above comes from Dengeki Online, while the shorter clip below is from Famitsu. As you'd expect of a Warriors game, we get to see a lot of combat. In terms of structure and gameplay flow, it all looks very similar to Samurai Warriors 4, although we'd argue that the new art style gives it a much more refined visual identity.

All in all, it looks promising. The new skill system, which lets you customise your fighting style with special attacks and abilities, seems like a good idea, and appears to add some welcome variety to the hacking and slashing. We're looking forward to seeing how it plays ourselves.

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