The latest (and probably last) episode of the HouseCast is here. This dev diary series has shone a light on Returnal, the upcoming sci-fi shooter from Finnish studio Housemarque. Each episode contains some insight from the team, as well as some snippets of fresh gameplay footage. The most recent is all about the enemies and bosses you'll face on Atropos, the planet on which Selene finds herself caught in an endless cycle.

We've heard a little bit about the enemies already thanks to PlayStation Blog, but it's good to hear from the game's director, Harry Krueger, about their inspiration and how they'll challenge you as a player. Perhaps most interesting is the brief new glimpses at gameplay, which is looking as hectic and fast-paced as ever. There's also some awesome concept art thrown in, showing off some of the bosses we'll be failing to conquer. Can't wait.

Returnal is less than two weeks away now, launching exclusively on PlayStation 5 on 30th April. Are you excited? Dash into the comments section below.