Resident Evil Village PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Sony’s new DualSense controller, much like the DualShock 4, has pretty good motion sensors in it – but developers rarely use them. This is frustrating, because we’re big believers in gyro aiming: the concept of fine-tuning your shots by tilting the pad. Those who’ve experienced the feature in, say, Gravity Rush 2 and Uncharted: Golden Abyss will know that it doesn’t replace traditional thumbstick controls – in fact, it enhances them.

It should be exciting, then, that Resident Evil Village features gyro aiming on the PlayStation 5, but sadly Capcom has busted the implementation. The option – spotted in the game’s latest demo – refers to a Motion Sensor Camera Mode. Unfortunately, this disables the right stick entirely, meaning that rather than fine-tuning your shots with the DualSense, you’re actually controlling the entire camera by physically tilting the pad.

It’s a bad implementation, and it’s curiously missing from the PS4 version. Capcom has done a pretty good job with gyro aiming in recent years – Monster Hunter Rise, for example, has good support for the feature – so we’re hopeful it can patch this up before launch and come up with a better solution. Still, we’re happy to see the publisher actually support the DualSense’s motion controls, and we’re hopeful this is the beginning of more developers paying attention.