Sony has announced and launched PS Plus Video Pass – but it’s only available in Poland for the time being. The company has said that it’s “testing” the on-demand video service while it decides whether to roll it out worldwide. Thus far, the perk allows members to stream movies like Jumanji and Venom on demand at no added cost.

A trailer above introduces the concept, although obviously the captions are written in Polish. The trial is set to run for a full year, through 22nd April, 2022. It’s unclear whether new content will be added at a later date, but we assume it will work exactly the same as the free PS Plus games, which are added at the start of every month.

In a poll published on Push Square, only 16 per cent of readers indicated that they’d be interested in PS Plus Video Pass, with 40 per cent saying that Sony should focus on games instead of films. Obviously, it will depend on the content available, but any perks are a positive in our eyes – there’s no reason why it can’t implement this and also improve the software giveaways as well.