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One of the more frustrating PlayStation 5 firmware issues is how, when you have a disc inserted, it’ll spin it every hour and make a load of noise. While the console is generally very quiet during operation, its Blu-ray slot can be extremely loud; this is mostly fine when you’re installing something, but when it randomly kicks up during gameplay it can be distracting.

With the release of PS5’s new system software update, we’ve observed a change – although not an outright fix. The next-gen platform will still spin the disc, but the operation volume is much quieter. We’ve been able to corroborate this with other discussions around the web, so it doesn’t appear to be anecdotal or a placebo effect – the noise is definitely muted somewhat.

Obviously it would be better if this didn’t happen at all, but for now this tweak does appear to be an acknowledgement of the problem. In other news, we just deleted a couple of PS4 games and didn’t spot any annoying grey boxes left behind – we’ll continue to test this, but so far it’s looking like this problem has also been resolved.