PS5 PlayStation 5 Blu-ray

While the PlayStation 5 is generally fine for primetime, there are a few weird bugs that Sony will be eager to mop up quickly. One that’s doing the rounds on Reddit right now is connected to the Blu-ray drive, and how it’ll spin every hour or so despite every game on the console being installed to the system’s super-fast SSD.

Some have hypothesised that it may be a DRM check, but it seems unlikely as the disc is read when you load physical media, and shouldn’t need to be accessed again unless you close and re-open the game. This is how it worked on the PS4, after all. Our guess is that this is just a weird oversight that will be cleaned up in the console’s next firmware update.

It’s an annoying one because, while the PS5 generally runs quite quietly, it does output a bit of noise when reading Blu-rays and installing games. Obviously, a brief spinning sound every hour is not the end of the world, but it’s something that shouldn’t be happening so hopefully the platform holder fixes it soon.