Sonic Colors PS4 PlayStation 4

SEGA looks set to remaster Sonic Colors for the PlayStation 4, marking the former Nintendo Wii (and, technically, Nintendo DS, we suppose) exclusive’s Sony debut. Eagle-eyed Blue Blur fans spotted a listing for Sonic Colors Remastered on the website of German voiceover studio iksample which was posted at the end of last year. The page has since, conveniently, been removed for “maintenance”.

A similar listing has since been uncovered on French retailer Sogamely’s website, although it’s unclear whether it was posted in response to the aforementioned rumours.

It’s been over a decade since Sonic Colors first released, and it was generally well regarded at the time – eventually leading to the release of Sonic Generations, which people really liked. Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania previously launched in 2017, so it does feel like we’re overdue some hangtime with SEGA’s hedgehog – even if it is dished out in remastered form.

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