ACV Wrath of the Druids Werewolf

All-new promotional screenshots for the Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids expansion have hit the 'net, and they... Well, have a look for yourself (thanks @ALumia_Italia on Twitter).

The DLC takes place in Ireland, as Eivor makes alliances with kings and chieftains. Eivor will also be fighting werewolves, apparently. We didn't see that one coming, and it's yet another example of Assassin's Creed delving deep into the most fantastical aspects of the series. However, for all we know, this could be some kind of dream or hallucination sequence, so try not to get too worked up just yet.

ACV Druids 1
ACV Druids 2

One of the screenshots also confirms what we already expected: that sickles will be a new type of weapon introduced through the expansion. What's more, we get a glimpse of new characters and new equipment — including a brutal-looking spear.

So, er, are you looking forward to slaying some werewolves? Try not to transform in the comments section below.

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