Jak & Daxter

What will the next game from The Last of Us and Uncharted studio Naughty Dog be? Probably not a new entry in the classic Jak & Daxter franchise, but co-president Evan Wells wishes it would be. Speaking alongside Insomniac Games' Ted Price during an episode of the Game Maker's Notebook series and picked up by VGC, the two chat about whether fan requests for a new Jak & Daxter title are received or not.

Evan Wells said: "We do, in fact. We’ve had a couple of Twitter campaigns where people have been tweeting us every single day [saying] ‘I want a new Jak & Daxter, I want a new Jak & Daxter’, and they aren’t just simple 280-character tweets, they have Photoshopped memes and everything they’re including on a daily basis, and the effort has got to be significant." However, unfortunately for those committed fans, Wells categorically rules out a new game from Naughty Dog. "And I hate to break it to them, [but] we do not have Jak & Daxter here in development right now."

But the co-president states that the studio still has a lot of love for the two protagonists and then compares them to Insomniac Games' own Ratchet & Clank duo. "But we still love the characters and I see what you guys [at Insomniac] are doing with Ratchet and that makes me wish that we did, and we would have one in development, because there’s still a lot of love for Jak & Daxter in the studio."

Of course, very recent rumours point towards Naughty Dog remaking The Last of Us instead of returning to one of its classic franchises. We also have to assume a new IP is in the works alongside multiplayer spin-off The Last of Us Factions. Fans of the developer have been urged to stay patient as "several cool things" are said to be in production. Would you rather have a new Jak & Daxter game instead of these speculated projects? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source videogameschronicle.com]